Activity & Exploration

Rodent exploratory and activity behavior is subject to a variety of external influences such as light, noise, or internal factors like nutrition, handling, diurnal rhythms, and attention status, to name just a few. Flexible and variable analyses can be performed with technological solutions by TSE Systems.

Featured Products
  • VideoMot2 automatically records animal activity in a multitude of arenas.
  • TSE Systems offers multifunctional 3-dimensional light-beam system for open field units, light-dark tests, and hole board exploration systems.
  • Total activity of one or multiple animals can be measured with InfraMot.
  • The SocioMot by NewBehavior is an activity monitor for large numbers of transponderized animals.
  • TSE systems produces a unique range of modular, multifunctional Running Wheels for varying applications including motivation, anhedonia, operant conditioning, indirect calorimetry or motor skill analysis.