SocioMot by NewBehavior

Activity monitor for large numbers of transponderized, socially housed mice

The SocioMot is a simple tool for the simultaneous surveillance of large numbers of undisturbed mice. Incorporating the same transponder technology as IntelliCage, it is a straightforward and cost-efficient solution for the researcher who is exclusively focused on the determination of activity levels.

General features

  • Continuous transponder-based activity analysis of individual mice housed in groups of up to 16 animals
  • Analysis of drug, lesion or genetic effects
  • Long-term automated surveillance possible (up to months)
  • Compatible with standard mouse cages and racks
  • Stand-alone software included
  • Web-based remote data analysis

  • Product Details

Product Details

SocioMot by NewBehavior
SocioMot by NewBehavior