Porsolt swim test

The forced swim test (also known as Porsolt test or behavioral despair test) is a well-characterized paradigm to analyze depression-like behavior in rodents. It is therefore often used to measure the effects of antidepressant drugs.

As was originally established in rats, in a pretest the animal is made to swim in a water bath from which it cannot escape. During the test session, the amount of time spent immobile is measured and is taken as a measure of hopelessness, or behavioral despair in the animal. TSE Systems offers the VideoMot2 system to analyze the motility behavior of swimming animals.

Key Features
  • Antidepressant drug screening
  • Automated recording and analyzing of animal activity
  • Reanalyze data after the experiment has been finished
  • Complete access to raw data
  • Parallel storage of digital files

A related paradigm is the tail suspension test.

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Product Details

Forced Swim Test
Forced Swim Test
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