Tail Suspension Monitor

The Tail Suspension Test is conceptually similar to the Porsolt swim test and sensitive to antidepressants. When mice are suspended by their tails, they alternate between agitation and immobility. The cumulative immobility time is a measure of the animal's degree of "helplessness".

The TSE Tail Suspension Monitor records the animal's movements and transmits the measured values to the TSE Tail Suspension software for Windows. Time of mobility, time of immobility and movement amplitude are calculated for up to 16 channels simultaneously and stored in a results file in user-defined intervals for further statistical calculations.

A non-computerized semi-automated version with stand-alone control unit that provides the values as digital read-outs is also available.

Key Features
  • Antidepressant drug screening
  • Available as economical single-channel basic configuration
  • Computerized system for up to 16 measuring stations for high-throughput data acquisition
  • Outputs mobility & immobility times according to a user-defined mobility threshold

  • Product Details

Product Details

Tail Suspension Monitor
Computer-controlled tail suspension system