Vogel Test System

In the fully computerized TSE Vogel Test System, drinking behavior of small laboratory animals is initially punished by mild electrical shocks leading to a reduction of water consumption. Drinking responses are then reestablished by drugs with anxiolytic properties.

Animals are tested in home cage environment with a special conductive floor grid and a drinking bottle connected to a shock generator.

The TSE Vogel Test software for Windows allows the definition of a set of control parameters such as the lick/shock ratio and the shock intensity and/or duration.

Key Features
  • Punished drinking test based on conflict behavior
  • Evaluation of the ability of anxiolytic drugs to disinhibit behavior usually suppressed by punishment
  • Large number of measuring places for high-throughput drug screening
  • Software-controlled lick/shock ratio, shock intensity & length
  • Automated lick detection
  • Anxiety and other behavioral measurements

  • Product Details

Product Details

Vogel Test System
Punishment system for research on anxiolytic substances