Conditioning Systems

High-quality standalone and multi-paradigm conditioning systems by TSE Systems. All systems are ready to use and come with an easy to use software package. Installation, training and 24/7 premium service are supplied by TSE Systems.

Key Features
  • Modular integrated multi-purpose solution: Multi Conditioning System
  •       Fear Conditioning for contextual and cued fear learning, retention and extinction
  •       Fully computerized Active/Passive Avoidance
  •       Conditioned Place Preference paradigm to assess rewarding properties of psychotropic drugs
  • Fully computerized Skinner Box Operant Behavior System
  • 5-Hole-Box for attention tasks based on visual discrimination
  • Startle / Fear potentiated Startle for accurate determination of the startle reflex and sensorimotor gating
  • Dustless precision Pellets for highly precise feeding necessities