VisioTrainer by NewBehavior

The VisioTrainer is our innovative automated solution for the investigation of associative learning and memory in small fish choice such as Zebrafish.The VisioTrainer is suitable for small adult fish that have the choice of entering two distinct compartments upon visual stimulus. By entering the correct compartment, a pre-programmed food reward is given. Up to 8 animals can be trained simultaneously in multiple behavioral paradigms like active/passive avoidance/preference using programmable visual stimuli in each compartment. The VisioTrainer features

Key Features
  • Extensive stimulus control
  • Real-time analysis
  • High-throughput.

A related product is the VisioTracker, an automated analysis system for the optokinetic response

  • Product Details

Product Details

VisioTrainer by NewBehavior
VisioTrainer By NewBehavior