Progammable, modular Activity Wheel Systems

Voluntary wheel running

We offer standard voluntary running wheels for the assessment of short- and long-term (circadian) activity patterns - or for home cage enrichment purposes. Apart from these standard configurations, TSE Systems has pioneered the development of voluntary running wheels that can do much more than just “turn”. Integrated into a home cage, voluntary wheel running can be time- and distance-controlled, i.e., if the animal has run a defined distance or time, the wheel is automatically disabled for a specified period of time. Running schedules can thus be predefined by the experimenter. In addition, we offer special wheels for motor-skill testing, which detect motor deficits with highest sensitivity at very early stages.

Forced wheel running

Forced wheels are motor-driven and force the animal into action according to defined software-controlled speed profiles. Several specialized wheel types are available, including the exercise wheel, sleep deprivation wheel, and the calorimetric wheel (CaloWheel).

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Product Details

Progammable, modular Activity Wheel Systems
PhenoMaster activity wheel modules