Home Cage Activity Modules

Evaluating locomotor activity and exploratory behavior of a laboratory mouse or rat is one of the most commonly used behavioral paradigms in many research areas. The reason being that this rather simple test efficiently delivers first insight into the animal’s phenotype. From drug treatment to gene knockout, brain damage and stress – a multitude of experimental manipulations have been shown to impact on activity and exploration.

TSE Systems offers a number of activity monitoring systems. All systems are operated with PhenoMaster Software in synchrony with various other integrated modules.

Key Products
  • InfraMot – An infrared sensor that measures overall activity levels based on body heat radiation
  • ActiMot2 – An infrared light-beam frame for detailed activity and exploration pattern analysis; e.g. movement tracks, arena and zone spatio-temporal analysis
  • Running Wheels – Voluntary and motorized with various functional features including speed and distance control, motor skill evaluation, and more