Maze Systems

Fully computerized mazes for all learning & memory and anxiety tasks in rats and mice. Build your maze from a large variety of individual components.

The TSE Maze systems are modular systems for studying animal behavior in a maze environment. All mazes are available in different sizes. The experimental analysis is completely computerized.

Featured Products
  • Morris Water Maze paradigm for spatial learning and memory
  • Y-Maze for spontaneous exploration and alternation
  • T-Maze Systems for working memory analysis
  • Fully computerized Radial Maze for hippocampus-dependent learning and memory
  • Barnes Maze for stress-reduced spatial learning and memory analysis
  • Elevated Plus Maze for anxiety and exploratory behaviour analysis
  • Elevated Zero Maze for less ambiguous anxiety-like behaviour analysis

The mazes come complete with infra-red sensors for monitoring animal location, with a control unit and PCI interface for connection to an IBM compatible PC.

Alternatively, the TSE VideoMot2 system analyzes the maze experiment by video tracking with a camera mounted above the maze.

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Product Details