T-Maze Systems

Our fully automated T-Maze systems for mice and rats can be used to assess working memory in spontaneous, rewarded or delayed alternation tasks and can be modified for acoustic discrimination tasks.

Each T-Maze consists of two choice arms and one start arm mounted at a square center – a start compartment is optional. Both choice arms are equipped with food cups with integrated infrared sensors – software-controlled pellet dispensers are available as an option. Manual doors are included – automatic doors are available on request. The T-Maze software package provides predefined standard paradigms. Choice accuracy is presented in a results table together with time-based parameters such as response latency.

The T-Maze is also available as a non-automated system for use in combination with the video tracking system TSE VideoMot2.

Key Features
  • Infrared sensor combinations monitor entries into compartments
  • Food reinforcement – infrared sensors monitor food removal
  • Modular wall design – easy exchange of wall material & color
  • System configurations for acoustical discrimination available (WAV files)

  • Product Details

Product Details