Dustless Precision Pellets

Our nutritionally balanced dustless precision pellets are suited for all applications where highly precise feeding is required.

Key Features
  • The pellets are nutrionally balanced and virtually dust-free.
  • Hassle-free performance in automatic feeders.
  • Suitable as a maintenance diet as well as a behavioral reward.
  • Available in sizes of 14mg that is mainly used for mice and 20/ 45 mg for rats.
  • Tested routinely for hardness, weight and height.
  • Produced in a GMP environment assuring accurate and consistent diet composition.
  • 50,000 pellets per pack

The nutritional content on every lot of diet is analyzed by an independent laboratory prior to shipment. The results of analysis are available upon request.

Nutritional Assays

Nutritional assays and chemical screens are provided to ensure product consistency.


Protein, fat, fiber, ash and moisture

Purified Formula
Typical Nutritional Content
Protein 18.5%
Fat 4.9%
Fiber 4.5%
Ash 4.3%
Moisture    5.0%
Carbohydrate    61.5%

Caloric Value

3.62 cal/mg


Casein, sucrose, fiber, dextrose, DL-methionine, L-cystine, choline bitartrate, corn oil, corn syrup, mineral mix, vitamin mix, flowing and flavoring agents

Shelf Life

12 months in cool, dry storage

  • Product Details

Product Details

Dustless Precision Pellets
Pellets come in different sizes