Drinking & Feeding & Body Weight

This module is based on high precision weighing sensors that are mounted to the cage lid. Attached to food and liquid containers, the precision sensors measure the amount of food and liquid consumed over time. Based on these records, TSE PhenoMaster Software provides a detailed meal analysis. Alternatively, a red sit-in tube housing can be attached to a weighing sensor to measure body weight every time the animal visits.

In the most basic dual sensor configuration, the home cage is equipped with one feeding and one drinking station. For discrimination experiments (e.g., preference, aversion studies), a variable number of sensor stations can be installed per home cage, e.g. for three diets, water and body weight monitoring (various combinations possible). As integrative part of the PhenoMaster system, the feeding & drinking module can be combined with any other PhenoMaster module; e.g., with the automated food/liquid access control unit, the operant wall, the indirect gas calorimetry system (CaloSys), and various others.

Key Features
  • The universal precision sensors can be flexibly used as feeding, drinking or body weight stations
  • Food containers are equipped with the novel validated SpillProtect technology
  • Liquid containers are designed with LeakProtect technology for most reliable measurements
  • Containers are translucent for quick evaluation of content level, and adjustable in height to grant easy access for every animal
  • Containers are universally usable with any type of diet; if desired, special containers are available for powder and pasty diets
  • In combination with automated access control units, this module allows for fully automated food or water restriction / deprivation prior to learning tasks or application of customized feeding or drinking schedules for metabolic investigations
  • Ideal for paired and yoked feeding or drinking experiments
  • Usable with all standard home cages - no modification required