Sensor Technology

Sensors are universal high-precision weighing stations that can be mounted to any type of cage lid, e.g. metal wire or Macrolon. Several sensor stations (number depends on the cage type) can be installed per home cage. Food containers and drinking bottles (or body weight tube housing) can be flexibly and easily associated to each sensor, which then quantifies the connected weight - with high technical resolution of ~0.01 g, at user-defined time intervals. Sensors with varying measuring ranges are available for rats and mice to assure optimal weighing performance and accuracy.

The PhenoMaster sensor technology is applicable to a large variety of experimental paradigms including feeding regimes involving different diets, discrimination, preference or aversion tests, circadian feeding pattern analysis and more.

Key Features
  • Fully automated objective quantification of food and liquid intake and body weight
  • No inconsistencies associated with manual weighing due to leakage or spillage
  • No stress or interference for the animal
  • Extended functionality with automated food/liquid access control unit

  • Product Details

Product Details