Novel Object Recognition Test via animal video tracking software

Object Recognition tests allow the study of learning and memory behavior of mice or rats. An animal is placed in an arena equipped with a familiar object and with a novel object. In this learning and memory paradigm, object recognition is defined as more time spent exploring the novel object.

The TSE Systems VideoMot2 allows video tracking of animal activity and behavior. It provides the selection of further analysis modules – each calculating specific results parameters. One of these parameters is the Object Recognition monitoring.

Parameters calculated by taking the head track point comprise:

  • Number of object visits
  • % number of object visits
  • Total time spent visiting the objects
  • % time spent visiting each object
  • Visit latency
  • Mean distance from each object
  • Total visits & total visit time

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Product Details

Novel Object Recognition Test via animal video tracking soft...
Automated analysis with VideoMot2