VideoMot2 – Versatile video tracking system

TSE VideoMot2 is a versatile video tracking system for automated recording and analyzing animal activity in a variety of arenas and maze systems. Multiple arenas can be observed with one camera. An unlimited number of zones of interest can be generated for performing spatial analyses or controlling data acquisition.

Animal identification is done according to user-defined contrast filters by taking the natural color of the animal into account, or – in the color tracking system – by tracking animals marked with color tags. Experiments can be started by a remote control at a distance from the computer. An external event recorder keyboard can be programmed to score up to 10 different behavioral events during tracking.

A variety of analysis modules calculate specific results parameters for the complete trial or for selected time windows only! The track pattern can be plotted at variable speed and bitmap files are generated. Export files in ASCII format containing results parameters are provided for statistical evaluation.

Key Features
  • 3-point detection for head and/or tail base and center of gravity tracking
  • True 3-dimensional measurement of rearing in combination with light-beam frames
  • Evaluate Morris Water Maze, Elevated Plus Maze, Y-Maze Continuous Alternation, Light-Dark test & Object Recognition tests and more…
  • Reanalyze tracking data after the experiment has been finished
  • Complete access to raw data
  • Parallel storage of digital files
  • Optional notebook operation
  • VideoMot2 can be used to analyze Object Recognition

  • Product Details

Product Details

VideoMot2 – Versatile video tracking system
VideoMot2 tracks animal movement and rearing