Aerosol Analysis

TSE Systems offers a wide range of instruments for offline and real-time analysis according to the design of the exposure system and the particle properties of interest.

The spectrum ranges from basic equipment to sophisticated optical instruments for the determination of particle properties.

Computer support is possible for an automated sampling routine and data storage. Our Daco software and special analysis software can be used, such as a tool for the calculation of particle size distribution with data from cascade impactor sampling.

Optionally, an installation kit for connection to the measuring port can be provided for each analytical instrument.

Key Features
  • Cascade impactors – particle size distribution, mean aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) and aerosol concentration
  • Concentration measuring unit for continuous trend measurement of aerosol concentration
  • OptoPan – a virtual impactor for collection and real-time monitoring of particles crucial in lung deposition
  • SpectroPan – a real-time analyzer for the measurement of particle size distribution and diameter
  • Analysis of nanoparticulate aerosols using a combination of CPC and DMA
  • Analysis filter capsules and sample filters (e.g. Teflon, cellulose nitrate) including sampling adapters