Aerosol Conditioning

Aerosol conditioning lines offer the possibility of refining particle properties and adjusting the substance concentration according to the experimental design.

The aerosol conditioning process can be combined with an adjustable aerosol-to-air ratio via electronic flow controllers and our Daco inhalation software.

Depending on the test substance, the conditioning units are made of high-quality laboratory glassware or other resistant materials such as stainless steel or special plastics.

Adaptation of conditioning units to individual test designs on request and solutions for connection to different exposure units are possible.

Key Features
  • Preseparation of large and small aerosol particles via impaction or cyclone units
  • Reverse flow mixing devices for thorough mixing of the aerosol with dilution air
  • Thermostating devices in the aerosol supply line such as water-jacketed glassware or heated tubing
  • Discharge units for reduction of electrical charges on aerosol particles
  • Adjustment of the humidity in the exposure unit via humidifiers