Dust Aerosols

TSE Systems offers a wide range of dust aerosol generating equipment according to the required test assay.

For nearly each kind of dust, an appropriate aerosol generator is available; this depends, for example, on the preconditioning of the dust and the degree of pulverization.

The generators can be used in manual or automatic mode by using a feed-back loop to the system concentration measuring unit and our Daco inhalation software.

Integration into inhalation exposure systems that are already in use is possible with adapter kits being available on request.

Key Features
  • Dust generator acc. to Bundschuh for use with loose powders or fibrous materials, generation of high aerosol concentrations
  • Dust generator acc. to Budiman with advanced dust generating technology for dry powders. The next level of dust generator acc. to Wright.
  • A manual press with pressure indicator for the generation of uniform dust cakes
  • Optional: conditioning units to refine dust aerosols according to the test requirements