Environmental Sensors

Design and specifications of the sensors are adapted for use with the respective inhalation system. The measuring performance is based on a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.

Electronic data acquisition is conducted via dedicated interfaces with automatic transmission and storage of the measured values.

Our Daco inhalation software allows the calibration of sensors for highest measuring quality. Calibration kits are available for the generation of appropriate calibration conditions, e.g. calibration gases, pressure calibration unit, humidity calibration bottles, etc.

The combination of sensors provides space-saving installation of measuring instruments.

Key Features
  • Combined temperature and humidity sensors for monitoring test atmosphere
  • O2 and CO2 sensors for concentration measurement with high gas specificity and long-term stability
  • Pressure sensors for both exposure unit and filter monitoring; also available in chemically resistant versions
  • Special sensors, e.g. for CO, NO, O3, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene on request

  • Product Details

Product Details