In addition to exposure units, other crucial components are required for the proper and safe operation of an inhalation exposure system.

An adequately dimensioned supply of compressed air with suitable pressure setting and control, together with an efficient compressed air conditioning system are necessary for the generation of a continuous and uniform aerosol flow.

Both the exhaust air and process air entering mass flow controllers or sampling pumps must be cleaned from substance residues by suitable filter systems.

Regulation units and operating devices specially adapted to the particular test laboratory optimize the installation and performance of the system.

Key Features
  • Compressed air generators, pressure regulators and mass flow controllers according to the system dimensions
  • Filter stations for compressed air supply, exhaust and sample lines for separating off toxic or interfering particles
  • Mounting panels, control cabinets for secure, clearly arranged and user-friendly attachment of system components
  • Appropriate exhaust and sampling pumps for sampling and for the removal of test air from the system
  • Installation kit for secure and correct start-up of the system
  • Support in design and technical realization of inhalation exposure suites

  • Product Details

Product Details