Cell Culture Units

Our Cell Culture exposure units offer an efficient, user-friendly tool for supplementing and amplifying inhalation research programs. In combination with a multi-stage dilution system, different substance concentrations can be tested simultaneously.

The system allows the simultaneous exposure of cell cultures to aerosols or vapors in up to 2 separate exposure units via one aerosol generator.

Our liquid or dust aerosol generators, vapor generators or special cigarette smoke machines can be connected.

Automatic media refill and integrated heating for longer exposure times can be implemented when required.

Key Features
  • Exposure of the insert plates via an internal flow plate for uniform and consistent dispersion
  • Chemically resistant and robust stainless steel exposure units
  • Mixing and dilution units made of laboratory glassware
  • Flow management via precise flow control and measuring devices
  • Automatic operation via a specially adapted version of our Daco inhalation software
  • Each exposure unit is suitable for up to 48 Transwell® inserts, for example

  • Product Details

Product Details