Head Nose Only Units

Our Head Nose Only exposure units have a modular expandable design which allows them to be continually adapted to the customer's requirements. The basic structure consists of single segments which can be stacked on top of each other.

The validation of the equilibrium distribution and directed-flow design was carried out in 1994/2007 by Prof. Pauluhn, and in 2009 by Prof. Phalen.

Each Head Nose Only exposure unit can be equipped with the required aerosol inlet interfaces, appropriate animal cage ports, sampling and environmental sensor connections / adaptors.

Depending on the laboratory requirements, the units are customized for use in fume hoods or as mobile units on casters with brakes.

Key Features
  • For a wide range of animal sizes – mouse up to guinea pig as standard, other species on request
  • Controlled dosing of test substance via the head/nose, minimizing other routes of exposure
  • Less test substance use even during animal testing at high concentrations
  • Recommended for highly toxic, expensive or rare test substances
  • Quick equilibration of the test atmosphere with a stable, homogeneous test substance distribution
  • Robust stainless steel or aluminum construction of exposure units as standard
  • Animal cages are made of glass or plastic materials depending on the test requirements

  • Product Details

Product Details