In cooperation with experts from leading research institutes and universities, TSE Systems is developing Nanoparticle Generators and Analyzers for research into inhalable nanoparticles.

The instruments for in-vitro and in-vivo exposure are adapted to the user-defined system configuration – individual instrument specifications on request.

Our Nanoparticle Generators provide dispersion of nanomaterials as aerosols for realistic exposure.

Using a combination of two analysis methods (CPC, DMA – see below), a high-resolution Nanoparticle Analyzer is available that is suitable for almost every kind of research as well as for process monitoring.

Key Features
  • NEW: E-Spray NanoGen for in-vitro and in-vivo studies with nanoparticle generation by electrospray technology
  • Single cone-jet mode for uniform deposition or multi-jet mode for high-throughput exposure
  • Condensation particle counters (CPCs) for ultrafine particles down to 4.5 nm diameter
  • Differential mobility analyzers (DMAs) for classification of particles according to size
  • Nanoparticle analyzers with high resolution and low particle loss