Home cage activity

TSE Systems offers a number of specialized in-cage activity monitoring systems, which can be flexibly combined and synchronized with the home cage calorimety System (CaloSys) allowing for direct correlation of metabolic parameters, such as RER and CO2 production, with the activity level of the animal. This can deliver unique insights for both short- and long-term experiments, relating momentary metabolic changes to single activity bouts using high temporal resolution measurements on one hand, or looking at circadian metabolic and behavioral patterns on the other hand.

Key Products
  • InfraMot – An infrared sensor that measures overall activity levels based on body heat radiation
  • ActiMot2 – An infrared light-beam frame for detailed activity and exploration pattern analysis; e.g. movement tracks, arena and zone spatio-temporal analysis
  • Running Wheels – Voluntary and motorized with various functional features including speed and distance control, motor skill evaluation, and more