Modular Running Wheel Systems

We offer standard voluntary running wheels for the assessment of short- and long-term (circadian) activity patterns - or for home cage enrichment purposes. Apart from these standard configurations, TSE Systems has pioneered the development of voluntary running wheels that can do much more than just “turn”. Integrated into a PhenoMaster home cage, voluntary wheel running can be time- and distance-controlled, i.e., if the animal has run a defined distance or time, the wheel is automatically disabled for a specified period of time. Running schedules can thus be predefined by the experimenter. In addition, we offer motor-skill wheels with flexible drums – the experimenter can change the distance between single crossbars to any complex wheel configuration. These motor-skill wheels detect deficits with highest sensitivity:

“The new automated wheel-running apparatus reported provides a powerful and discriminative tool for the reliable and reproducible assessment of motor function, as evidenced by its cross-validation across different institutes. The authors demonstrate that the testing apparatus can be used to track the onset and progression of motor function deficits in diverse mouse neurological disease models. Encouragingly, the system can detect early-stage motor deficits that cannot be detected using the rotarod test.(Mandillo et al., Disease Models & Mechanisms, 2014)

In addition, the voluntary running wheels can be coupled with other PhenoMaster modules such as the indirect gas calorimetry system (for exercise calorimetry), or the operant wall (the wheel being an integral part of the operant conditioning paradigm).

Key Features
  • Time and distance control
  • Enable/disable function
  • Optional wheel drum with variable rod distances for automated motor skill testing
  • A safe panel prevents soiling of the rotary sensor ensuring constant sensitivity for long-term home cage wheel activity monitoring
  • Wheels are made of stainless steel, are highly durable, and easy to clean

  • Product Details

Product Details