High Speed Sensoring Units

The gas content of an air sample that has been drawn from a test cage is analyzed by a gas sensor unit consisting of one oxygen and one carbon dioxide gas sensor. In a continuous CaloSys setup every cage has its dedicated gas sensor unit ensuring immediate analysis at high temporal resolution (in the range of seconds). If such high temporal resolution is not required, as for most calorimetric studies, CaloSys can be operated in a more economical multiplexed setup, where two or more cages share a common sensor unit – gas samples are analyzed successively from one cage after the other. In a multiplexed setup, the temporal resolution lies in the range of minutes and is directly dependent on the number of cages per sensor unit. To speed up sampling cycles, multiplexed setups can optionally be equipped with high-speed gas sensor units.

The high-speed gas sensors are a paramagnetic differential O2 sensor and an infrared spectroscopic dual beam CO2 sensor. Both are maintenance free and are periodically automatically calibrated under software control using 3 reference gases from a bottle.

Key Features
  • Menu-based operation
  • Fast response time
  • Low long-term drift
  • Two-stage access code to prevent unintentional and unauthorized inputs
  • Operates in combination with the PhenoMaster / LabMaster Software
  • Internal pressure sensor for correction of variations in atmospheric pressure
  • Large LCD panel for simultaneous display of: measured value (digital and analog displays), status line, measuring ranges
  • Contrast of LCD panel adjustable using menu
  • Menu-based operation for configuration, test functions, calibration
  • User help in plain text