PhenoMaster Lab Environment Monitor

  • Keeps track of what goes on around the PhenoMaster that may affect the experiment
  • Monitors CO2, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, room light, sound & human (motion) activity
  • Fully integrated in the PhenoMaster software with auditable log files

A stable laboratory environment is a critical prerequisite for a successful calorimetry experiment. Especially indirect calorimetry experiments are prone to disturbance in surrounding air quality for the measurement of O2, CO2 and humidity and the animals are sensitive to light, temperature and human presence. Often, data outliers are a direct result of disturbances in the lab environment climate control systems and routine human animal husbandry activity. This is further exacerbated in rooms shared with other equipment. To document and monitor what goes on around your PhenoMaster we introduced the industry first Lab Climate Monitor.