Metabolic PhenoCages

This special automated cage construct separates, collects and quantifies urine and feces of mice or rats and thus provides important information about the animal’s energy balance. Dedicated urine and feces collection funnels direct urine and feces into separate collection containers. Weighing sensors below the collection containers quantify urine and feces by amount and time. An optional high-speed freezing unit conserves the samples for later analysis.

More than that, the Metabolic PhenoCage is part of the PhenoMaster family and can thus be equipped with various modules. The Feeding and Drinking Module assesses consumption patterns, an infrared light-beam frame (ActiMot2) can be attached to the cage platform to allow activity monitoring in the X and Y plane, and the air-tight transparent housing of the Metabolic PhenoCage can be connected to a fully automated PhenoMaster indirect gas calorimetry system (CaloSys). Thus, the Metabolic PhenoCage is a multi-talent that investigates various different metabolic and behavioral parameters at the same time.

Key Features
  • The cage is made of solid glass
  • Highly durable, easy dismantling and residue-free cleaning, no scratches or discoloring
  • Automated urine and feces separation, collection, and quantification
  • Modular design for flexible experimental design
  • Operated by PhenoMaster Software