Studying the metabolism of an animal is a complex task. Both, caloric intake and energy expenditure are strongly influenced by various internal (e.g., locomotor activity level, hormone levels) and external (e.g., ambient temperature) factors. Thus, many variables must be taken into consideration to obtain meaningful data.

At TSE Systems we offer you sophisticated modular instruments for various aspects of metabolic research in small laboratory animals. The modular indirect gas calorimetry system (CaloSys) combines the best possibilities for PULL and PUSH, continuous and multiplexed respirometry. The unique advantage: CaloSys is highly flexible, it can be used with a home-cage, a treadmill or wheel for exercise calorimetry, or a special cage construct designed for urine and feces quantification. Besides CaloSys, TSE offers sophisticated equipment for food and liquid intake, body weight and locomotor activity monitoring. Topped off with the TSE Stellar Telemetry setup and a fully automated operant wall, you can combine metabolic experiments with behavioral and physiological measurements, all perfectly synchronized, within one setup.

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Product Details