Obesity as a research topic connects at least two of the most important health trends for the next decades: cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Obesity or adiposity is characterized by an excessive accumulation of fat cells in the human body. The disease is today considered a chronic affliction and seems to have polygenetic causes, but also environmental factors such as lifestyle and diet contribute significantly.

Obesity is furthermore characterized by high comorbidity and usually involves a long-term treatment and care concept with accompanying high cost. Obesity is epidemic in most industrial nations' populations, resulting in the spending of close to 5% of a nations' health budget in industrialized countries.

For many research topics, animal models for obesity have been developed and need to be tested for their face, predictive or construct validity.

TSE Systems features instruments for behavioral and metabolic analysis of feeding and drinking. In particular high-throughput systems such as the PhenoMaster are ideally suited for this task. They allow the exact measurement of for example food and liquid intake, automated body weight check, and the analysis of various metabolic performance parameters in the metabolic PhenoCages