Code of conduct

Code of conduct

TSE Systems has introduced the Code of Conduct.

We believe in values as one of the key pillars on which we conduct our business. As entrepreneurs we are committed to operate our business based on sound value practices and principles in the markets in which we serve and participate.

TSE Systems is committing itself to the company's core values that are as follows:

Core Values


Our employees are the basis of our success and the source of our ideas. Therefore we provide an entrepreneurial environment to encourage employees to develop their full potential.


Respect for our employees and our clients is the most important essential of all our relationships.


We demonstrate integrity, respect, and trust in all relationships and do endeavor to fulfill the commitments we make to our customers, employees and to the public. Integrity is the basis for our creditability.


Courageousness makes it possible to define our company goals and to determine the appropriate ways for a successful accomplishment.


Responsibility is the foundation of our entrepreneurial company culture.


Our customers are our most valued assets. Enabling their success ensures our own success. Therefore we strive to anticipate and satisfy their special needs.


Creativity drives our innovation that enables the development of new technologies and solutions.


Innovation is the main component of our success. We are always aiming for new technologies and solutions.


Manufacturing according to German engineering standards is the guaranty for high sophisticated product solutions. TSE provides a special total quality system that helps to increase quality and value of our products as well as to enable our 24h service support.


Transparency develops trust between us our clients and stakeholders.

Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability is the bottom of our strategy of fair working conditions and observance of social standards Fair working conditions, observance of social standards and protecting the environment are the major aspects of our sustainable strategy. We do believe in a sustainable economic growth as well as in the natural environment as the basis for the existence of life on our planet and therefore feel committed to its protection.