GLP* Compliance

GLP* Compliance

(*good laboratory practice)

In many laboratories, the need for stringent documentation of quality control and assurance becomes more and more relevant. We estimate that at least 10% of all samples tested in the pharmaceutical industry must be run according to GLP. Furthermore, GLP compliance is a prerequisite for many accreditation efforts.

TSE Systems can assist your GLP compliance by providing the following:

  • GLP compliance software: for example, no access to raw data; audit trail; user manager; etc.
  • Manufacturer ISO certification
  • Clarification of validation documentation supplied
  • Drafts of SOP documents
  • Archived validation documentation (15 years)
  • GLP calibration certificates
  • Parts traceability
  • Validation documentation and on-site performance including installation qualification, operation qualification and Daco software validation

Speak to your local representative for further details or use the contact form.