Cravings and Weightlifting Squats: Technologies that Explore New Metabolic and Behavioral Research

Web seminar: Technologies that Explore New Metabolic and Behavioral Research

Join Dr. Zhen Yan (University of Virginia) and Dr. Diego Bohorquez (Duke University) as they discuss applications of automated home cage phenotyping for preclinical obesity research. In this webinar, Dr. Yan will discuss the mechanisms underlying adaptation to resistance exercise and Dr. Bohorquez will describe the role of neuropods and how nutrient sensing in the gut affects behavior.

Key topics covered during this webinar:

  • Understand the general differences between endurance and resistance exercise
  • Appreciate the lack of a physiological animal model of resistance exercise for large scale studies
  • Understand the general principle of the novel weightlifting model
  • Appreciate the evidence of acute responses to weightlifting activities and long-term adaptations to training
  • How the gut discerns the nutritive value of sugars
  • How the gut senses nutrients
  • How this gut sense drives appetitive behaviors


TIME: 8:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT