Improve Implantable Telemetry with Group-Housing

Improve Implantable Telemetry with Group-Housing

One is the loneliest number. And, that also applies to the environment, housing, and management of laboratory animals.  Creating an environment as close to natural settings as possible – without separationwithout cumbersome charging solutions, and without stress – is beneficial for creating meaningful physiologic & behavioral assessments. This blog will therefore demonstrate how group-housing takes implantable telemetry to the next level.

Imagine you were trying to monitor the physiological changes associated with pharmacological evaluations of drug candidates in various species.  The lack of social interactions between the instrumented animals may alter the observed results and impact statistical power and reproducibility.

Using a single Stellar receiver, you can easily measure 8 or more implants at a range of 2-5+ meters to accommodate group-housing in a variety of monitoring environments.

Stellar implants feature a powerful microprocessor, facilitating error-free data and wireless programmable sample rates. These implants can also monitor various combinations of biopotentials (ECG/EMG/EEG), temperature & physical activity. Furthermore, it is possible to leverage a solid-state pressure-tipped catheter for high-fidelity pressure measurements throughout the body (arterial, thoracic, heart, brain, bladder, ocular, etc).

Are you looking for the best value in innovative implantable telemetry?

The solution:  Stellar Telemetry

  • Minimal system infrastructure & startup costs make it easy to get your research going as soon as possible.
  • Comply with animal housing regulations and best practices with flexible housing options.
  • Low implant costs, easily switch between implant models.
  • No obsolescence concerns.

Many researchers are not fully aware of the sophisticated features available with the latest state-of-the-art implantable telemetry. Gone are the days of stressed singly-housed animals and limited blood pressure signal quality. With Stellar, you can now wave goodbye to overly complicated & expensive system infrastructures.

Stellar Telemetry equipment

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