NEW Continuous mode Stellar Telemetry®

NEW Continuous mode Stellar Telemetry®

TSE Systems would like to inform you about the exciting new continuous measurement options of Stellar Telemetry, which still retains the flexibility, animal group housing options, extended receiving range, prolonged battery life, and customizable implant configurations. The new continuous measurement options are now available for mice and rat implants (XS/S/M). A single receiver can record real-time continuous data from up to 8 implants with up to 2 pressures and up to 4 biopotentials at the same time in group-housed animals. With multiple receivers, you can record up to 32 implants. With the Stellar CommanderTM software, implants are configured, started/stopped and each signal channel sampling rate can be individually set to 100, 250, or 500 samples per second. Implants can also be programmed to perform scheduled continuous measurements in intervals to even further extend battery life from the typical 30 days in mice and 4 months in rats. Sampling rates in Stellar mean real data points at these rates and do not constitute interpolated data.

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