TSE Systems and NeuroLux Announce Partnership Integrating Wireless Optogenetics with In-Vivo Phenotyping Platforms

TSE Systems and NeuroLux Announce Partnership Integrating Wireless Optogenetics with In-Vivo Phenotyping Platforms

TSE Systems, a leader in advanced preclinical research equipment for metabolic and behavioral research, and NeuroLux, the world leader, and developer of battery-free wireless optogenetics implants for preclinical research, today announced an exclusive partnership that will change in-vivo animal science.

NeuroLux is an early-stage company with a proven, patented preclinical technology platform  that is based on more than a decade of engineering research. The company has supplied more than 250 complete systems and 25,000 wireless implantable devices to nearly 100 institutions in 10 countries worldwide.

Utilizing Neurolux’s breakthrough wireless technology for optogenetics and programmable pharmacology, scientists are now able to control neural circuits in freely moving animals with minimal injury to sensitive tissues and without interference from tethering hardware.

The combination of TSE Systems’ PhenoMaster or IntelliCage and the NeuroLux wireless optogenetics implants greatly expands research opportunities into many frontier areas of neuroscience and clinical medicine, through new tools for optogentics, pharmacology, photopharmacology and other techniques for neuromodulation.

This partnership comes ahead of the upcoming Society for Neuroscience 2021 (SfN) conference in Chicago, where both companies will showcase NeuroLux’s wireless optogenetics integrations with the TSE Systems equipment.

TSE Systems has become NeuroLux’s exclusive distributor in the European and Chinese market, according to the agreement.

“For TSE Systems, this collaboration brings together two of the most innovative companies working on next-generation in-vivo laboratory animal science research. NeuroLux’s highly innovative product pipeline is a natural fit with the high-end in-vivo phenotyping platforms from TSE Systems in the areas of Behavior, Metabolism, and Physiology,” said Harm Johan Knot, CEO of TSE Systems.

“NeuroLux and TSE will combine efforts to provide breakthrough technologies to the broader research community, worldwide. The NeuroLux platform features ultra-lightweight, fully implantable, and battery-free wireless devices that can deliver light, drugs or combinations of light and drugs to nearly any targeted region in small and large animal models. NeuroLux continues to expand this proven platform with new devices for neuromodulation, physiological monitoring and closed-loop control, for freely moving individual animals or those interacting in social groups – these options in experimental design are leading to new types of studies and associated scientific discoveries that are unlocking our understanding of living systems,” said Anthony Banks, CEO of NeuroLux.

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