TSE Systems partners with Maastricht Instruments for Human Indirect Calorimetry applications

TSE Systems partners with Maastricht Instruments for Human Indirect Calorimetry applications

Maastricht, the Netherlands: TSE Systems is honored to announce that it has partnered with the Dutch company Maastricht Instruments to commercialize the human indirect calorimeter technology (Omnical Metabolic Cart and Room Calorimeter) on their behalf on markets uncovered by the partner company.

The partnership creates a unique opportunity to study translational metabolism from mice to man, building on an integrated portfolio of equipment with excellent accuracy and reproducibility.

The Omnical indirect calorimeter technology resulted from a long-lasting collaboration with researchers from Maastricht University Medical Centre+ in the Netherlands. Indirect calorimetry remains the gold standard in measuring energy expenditure and substrate oxidation in a wide range of research settings. The Omnical is a versatile system that can be used from Resting metabolism studies to exercise testing and whole-body room calorimetry. Using the Omnical in a room calorimeter setup allows to study a person’s energy metabolism over longer durations (up to 7 days) and under different circumstances, without the limitation of a canopy or face mask.

The whole body room calorimeter serves as a fully controlled, human research platform. Environment conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc) can be precisely controlled and a wide range of parameters can be varied to study their effects on human energy expenditure. Some examples of possible applications:

  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes research
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm studies
  • Dietary interventions
  • Clinical investigation and disease impacts on metabolic function
  • Fundamental Physiology
  • And many more

For physical activity measurement, the MOX accelerometry system is provided to complement the Indirect Calorimetry measurements.

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