TSE Systems relaunched website in new corporate color

TSE Systems relaunched website in new corporate color

Berlin, Germany/St. Louis, MO: TSE Systems launched its all-new green website showcasing a more modern look to highlight the new innovations, sustainability, and contributions to health through science.

Green, a color that represents nature and growth has been strategically chosen to align with TSE’s commitment to create the most realistic conditions for the animal, through automated home cage phenotyping, minimal human intervention and highest animal welfare. To the researcher we offer raw, natural data for full transparency, reproducibility, and superior standards in metabolic research.

Building upon our foundation as the trusted scientific pioneers in the industry, TSE Systems teamed with new partners and scholars in our move to become a complete solution for researchers. To showcase the new power of our legacy brand, we premiered five new innovations:

Innovation #1 – Microbiome Gas Sensors
Innovation #2 – Substance-Specific Sensors for Volatile (Organic) Compounds
Innovation #3 – Isotope Sensors
Innovation #4 – Whole Body Room Calorimetry
Innovation #5 – Optogenetics integrations

“Our goals are to be functional, innovative and inspiring,” said CEO Harry Knot. TSE – Together through Science and Engineering, we will continue to build highly innovative health science products to increase our understanding of our bodies, improve health, fight disease and assess health risks.”

For more information on the website visit: (www.tse-systems.com) or to speak to one of the Scientific Directors, email: info@tse-systems.com


TSE Systems is a globally renowned manufacturer of high-quality instruments and systems for behavioral, metabolic and inhalation research. The focus is on providing the total customer solution, with modular designs of integrated hardware and software platforms for neuroscience, phenotyping, drug screening and toxicology.