Telemetry in group housed rodents Webinar

Event Start Date:
1. December 2022
Event End Date:
1. December 2022
Event Venue:
5:00pm CET

Don’t miss the upcoming webinar to learn more about telemetry recordings in group-housed rodents, surgery protocols, and handling.

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Program Outline:

  • Holger Russig | Welcome and short introduction TSE Systems + Q&A
  • Irina Toore-Heald | Low flow electronic anesthetic vaporizer systems from Kent Scientific: SomnoSuite and SomnoFlo + Q&A
  • Prof. Dr. Rene Remie | Optimal surgery of telemetry implants, a prerequisite for high quality telemetry data + Q&A
  • Bob Brockway | Telemetry in group housed rodents: Monitoring Blood pressure, biopotentials, temperature and activity in freely moving animals under optimized animal welfare conditions + Q&A
  • Holger Russig | Conclusions