New Behavior

NewBehavior AG was founded in 2006 by Prof. Hans-Peter Lipp to develop state-of-the art technology for automated measuring and shaping of animal behavior.

The parent laboratory was the Division of Neuroanatomy and Behavior at the University of Zürich. The research of this laboratory has led to the development of in-cage and outdoor
learning devices for free-ranging mouse populations as well as micro-GPS systems for tracking the movement of free-ranging animals.

NewBehavior AG combines unique scientific knowhow and excellent engineering to make exclusive products marketed by the parent company TSE Systems. These products represent a rare combination of cutting-edge technology and reliability as they have been used and optimized in behavioral research with renowned  partner labs worldwide over a decade. 

Our automated IntelliCage offers high throughput, flexibility and perfect standardization. Moreover, it is animal-friendly and will thus remain compatible with increasingly severe governmental regulations on animal experimentation. A particular challenge of toxicological research is to detect discrete and chronic behavioral changes. Long-term in-cage testing offers maximal sensitivity and efficiency in detecting such changes. With our comprehensive hard- and software packages we help our customers to find the most perfectly adapted solution for their specific needs.

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The second product by New Behavior is NeuroLogger, a truly unique and elegant solution for wireless recording of EEG activity in animals as small as mice. The Neurologger can be used in freely moving animals performing a variety of behavioral paradigms as well as in the field of animal models for epilepsy and sleep disorders.