FlowR-IntelliCage Plus Basic Bundle

FlowR-IntelliCage Plus Basic Bundle

A new analysis/visualization tool and statistical analysis package for data generated by the


  • FlowR is a graphical user interface translating R-script units into graphically arranged statistical workflows
  • Users are seamlessly guided through the analysis process without programming efforts
  • Data visualization and statistical analysis comes at a mouse click

No need for:

  • Tedious data pre-processing
  • Programming skills in R
  • Knowledge of statistical jargon or graphical visualization programs


As an IntelliCage User, you may greatly benefit from the FlowR-IntelliCage Plus Basic bundle 

Try the free demo here!

The IC+basic-Bundle contains customized workflows on general Data Preparation,
Phenotyping, Activity, Side- and Place Preference, allowing you to...

  • Explore your subjects’ performance in the cages
    • Check cage usage
    • Monitor total consumption
  • Scrutinize the animals’ behavioral patterns:
    • Describe and compare group pheno- and chronotypes
    • Reveal social structure among cage-mates
    • Determine drug application or any other intervention effect
  • Infer conditioning success based on Place/Side preferences, for many tasks applied in the IntelliCage:
    • Reference memory (e.g. Place/Reversal)
    • Working memory (e.g. Patrolling, Chaining, Side Alternation)
    • Non-spatial alternation (e.g. Attentional Shift using audiobox)
    • Compound Preference (e.g. Taste Novelty)
    • Emotionality (e.g. Anxiety, Fixed Ratio)
    • ...and many more

Customized analyses for anything else you desire (e.g. Impulsivity, Aversion) are available on special request.