Light / Dark Test


  • Light/dark with or without automated door
  • Software controlled illumination (via light sensor)
  • Light intensity (max 1000 lux) for high aversiveness


The light/dark paradigm is a quick and easy-to-use test to evaluate the unconditioned anxiety level of rodents. It does not require prior training. It is based on a conflict between the innate aversion of a brightly illuminated area and the spontaneous exploratory behavior in response to a novel environment. Anxiolytic compounds decrease the total duration of time spent in the dark compartment (index of aversion) and the number of transfers between compartments (index of activity-exploration), while anxiogenic compounds have the opposite effect.

The light/dark test module of the Multi Conditioning System belongs to the family of “2-compartment paradigms”, operated with a universal software package granting maximal user-friendliness and offering unsurpassed flexibility.