Locomotor Activity & Open Field


  • Exploratory behavior & anxiety
  • Spontaneous locomotor activity – arena or home cage
  • User defined regions of interest and detection thresholds (e.g. hypo/hyperactivity)
  • Manifold applications, e.g. behavioral phenotyping


This module provides in-depth movement and activity analysis – the starting point of many behavioral phenotyping batteries. It can be utilized to examine novelty induced exploration and locomotion (reflecting unconditioned anxiety levels and impulsivity), locomotor activation or anxiogenic effects of drugs or habituation effects. The use of dedicated Open Fields/home cages as test arena –or any other Multi Conditioning arena- is possible. Why spending resources on a stand-alone activity monitoring system – get the Multi Conditioning System instead and profit from its unique flexibility and diverse functionalities!

The Activity/Open Field module of the Multi Conditioning System belongs to the family of “Locomotor Activity/Open Field paradigms”, operated with a basic general purpose software package granting maximal user-friendliness and offering unsurpassed flexibility.