Panic Response

For rats only


  • Panic response tone for rats (ultrasound 22kHz)
  • High-resolution frame for ultra sensitive movement detection in 3 dimensions (XY and Z, for rearing and jumping behaviors)
  • Simultaneous video monitoring from up to 2 angles
  • Simple integration of other equipment (via ceiling outlets and mounting system) such as microphones or rotary joints for optogenetics and electrophysiology, software integration via TTL signal


22 kHz rat calls (“alarm calls”) induce panic-like behavior in conspecifics, characterized by an escape response and subsequent freezing (so called “ultrasound-induced defensive like behavior”). The Panic Response module of the Multi Conditioning System is part of the Fear Conditioning software package. Customized experimental control files can be programmed that include the output of 22 kHz tones - the subsequent panic response of the animal can be precisely evaluated. Treatment with anxiolytics selectively reduces escape and/or freezing – controls and treated animals can be easily compared using integrated analysis features.