Access Control Unit

Advanced Food & Liquid Restriction By Time, Amount And Duration


  • Fully automated food and liquid access control by time, duration and amount
  • Food or liquid restriction/deprivation (e.g. motivating animals prior to learning tasks –
    an ideal scenario for use with the operant wall module)
  • Controlled administration of drugs in food or liquid form
  • Paired and yoked feeding and drinking experiments can easily be implemented


Driven by small software-controlled servo motors, doors of shielding cylinders can be independently moved and control the access to food and/or liquid. The access can be adjusted according to customized schedules – by time, duration and by the amount consumed. Even paired and yoked feeding/drinking experiments can automatically be conducted. By adding a sensor measuring body weight, animal wellbeing can be assured, with minimal human intervention.

Combined with a running wheel or operant wall, food/liquid access can be linked to performance parameters.