Animal Gate - Selective passage

Animal Gate

Selective passage


  • RFID antennas read the transponder code of animals entering the AnimalGate
  • 3 motor-controlled moveable doors allow preprogrammed selective passage of animals through the gate
  • Scale (optional) that weighs animals in the middle section
  • Infrared sensors monitor movements inside the gate
  • 3 pressured air valves to deliver air puffs


The AnimalGate is a fundamental extension to IntelliCage that permits selective passage of mice to a variety of external arenas or experimental set-ups. The AnimalGate uses the same transponder technology as IntelliCage and is controlled by the upgraded IntelliCage Plus
software. It represents the vital controlled connecting structure of a future multifunctional modular test system. One or several AnimalGates can be added to each IntelliCage allowing selective access to different arenas such as ActivityBox, FeederBox or others. Thus, any basic
IntelliCage system can be expanded gradually to the maximal setup.