Syringe Pumps - Compound Administration, Blood Sampling

Syringe Pumps

Compound Administration, Blood Sampling

Our precision microprocessor-controlled syringe pumps assure quiet operation with high accuracy and virtually pulseless flow. Whether you need a pump with extra low flow rates or want to infuse or withdraw with up to 10 syringes simultaneously – we have the pump suited for your requirements.

All models can be operated with any type of syringe – glass, plastic or metal. Use the simple keypad menu to select a syringe size from a displayed table, enter a dispense volume and the required flow rate. It's that easy! Pumps differ in maximum number of syringes and available operating modes. Flow rates from 0,001 µl/h up to 147 ml/min are provided. The advanced models can be externally controlled via PC or upgraded with the "program editor" option allowing to enter user-defined control sequences via the keypad.

Our new single syringe nano pump that operates exclusively with microsyringes (1...100µl) is designed for use with micromanipulator, stereotaxic or other clamping devices whenever nano-litre volumes have to be infused.

The continuous cycle syringe pump can hold up to four syringes (10µl to 140ml each) and can cycle continuously back and forth in a push-pull action.