Tail Suspension Monitor - Depression, Behavioral Despair

Tail Suspension Monitor

Depression, Behavioral Despair


  • Relevant and validated test for depression, anxiety and pharmacological studies
  • Cabinet provides stable environment
    (shields external visual cues, increases reproducibility)
  • Highly sensitive automated movement detection in up to 8 units
  • Perpendicular wire for fixing the mouse tail (reduces climbing)
  • Real-time display of movement pattern
  • Automated calculation of immobility (user defined threshold)
  • Customized data storage and export files (further statistical evaluation)


The Tail Suspension Test is conceptually similar to the Porsolt swim test. When rodents are suspended by their tails, they initially show agitation and (later) immobility being kept in a stressfull position. The cumulative immobility time is a measure of the animal's degree of "helplessness". This behavior is sensitive to anti¬depressants.

The TSE Tail Suspension Monitor is equipped with sensitive force sensors (strain gauge) that pick up the animal's movements and transmits the measured values to the convenient TSE Tail Suspension software. Time of mobility, time immobile and movement amplitude can be calculated for up to 8 measuring places simultaneously (or staggered).