Locomotor Activity

The ActiMot3 Activity module is designed to study voluntary activity in homecages during long-term experiments under stress-free conditions. Light-beam frames are equipped with a grid of 3-dimensional infrared sensors to monitor horizontal and vertical movement with 100Hz sampling rate – no movement is missed! Select between three frame sizes SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE depending on species and cage size. For a rat/mouse combination system use the MEDIUM sized frame and simply exchange the cage – it´s as easy as that! The new sensor spacing of only 5mm (1.25mm digital resolution) in the two smaller frame sizes is unique on the market allowing evaluation of movement with extra-high spatial resolution – especially important in mice!

The PhenoMaster ActiMot3 software module offers a comprehensive analysis of behavioral activity associated with “life in the cage.” Calculate fine (stationary) and ambulatory movement episodes, differentiate between activity & resting periods (especially useful in metabolic studies), display a highly-resolved pattern of movement or select between more than 100 results parameters calculated from the raw data. All data can be also exported for further statistical and graphical evaluation.

ActiMot3 frames can be easily combined with any other module of the PhenoMaster family such as drinking & feeding modules, running wheel, operant wall or indirect calorimetry. Since all cage components are suspended from the lid nothing interferes with movement detection! ActiMot3 frames feature an integrated lid holder so that the exchange of cages between experiments is facilitated.

For advanced studies add a TTL module to your setup to control optogenetics laser generators or infusion pumps in real time depending on animal location, e.g. in food preference studies. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Measurement of spontaneous (voluntary) activity...
Suitable for short-term or long-term experiments.
Frames with 5mm sensor spacing (1.25mm digital resolution).
Ultra-fast 100 Hz sampling rate.
Freely combinable with other PhenoMaster components.
Control 3rd party equipment depending on animal location.


Spontaneous Activity....
Circadian Rhythm..

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